Call for participation to the organization of the World Forum on Science and Democracy, in the frame of the World Social Forum, Salvador de Bahia, March 2018

The initiative to make the Fifth Edition of the World Forum of Science and Democracy was presented to the International Council of the World Social Forum in its meeting in Bahia. This initiative has the support from colleagues and networks from many countries, mainly from Brasil, USA and Europe.

Our proposal was wellcome and had the aproval from the members of the WSF International Council and from the  WSF local comitee at Bahia. It´s time now yo start the organization process, for which we are making an international call to receive more international support and participation from all the continentes, and to give shape and contents: proposal of activities, workshops, roundtables, plenary sessions, etc., during the WFSD.


  1. Support, remote collaboration, participation in person

All the activities are self- managed, which means that this organization won´t have funds to afdford travel or accomodation. We would like to know those who can participate, to confirm wether you will be able to participate in person or remote (skype, streaming, videoconference, etc.).


  1. Proposal of activities for the WFSD

As a democratic forum involved in the struggle against capitalist science, there is not a closed agenda for debate, but there are pressing issues that may structure some axis of discussion, are, for example:

– science and technology as a common good

– decolonizing university and research institutions

– assessment and governance of emerging technologies

– public engagement in science and technology

– feminism science and technology

– science and technology for social development

– promoting community based participatory reserch

– persecution and criminalization of scientists involved in struggles for rights

– scientific research for what and for whom

– public policy of science and technology

– …


  1. Definition of dates, schedule and place of the event

World Social Forum is going to take place in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, from 13th to 17th of march, at the facilities of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).

Given the fact the WSF has numberless activities in paralell, and due to the experience of organization of previous WFSD, we consider that a good chance would be to make it 2 days before the beginning of the WSF. This means, the weekend of the 11th and 12th of march. We can have a more focused and concentrated participation then.

This would imply for those who will travel, to dispose two more days in their agendas.

Those who are planning to travel to Bahia to participate in person, we would like to hear your opinions about this dates proposal. Send your opinion to our contact email.

In relation to the schedules, we will have two complete days, divided each one in 2 modules of 4hs morning and afternoon.

Each activity should last at most 2hs, and we should reserve the final 2hs (or more if necesary) for plenary session.  In case we have many proposal of activities, we can organise paralell sessions.


  1. Contact

Support, questions, suggestions and proposal of activities can be sent to contact2018(at)


 Deadline for proposal of activities for the WFSD: December 15th, 2017.

Disponible en / Available in: French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

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