Synthesis and Outcomes

Most of the speeches and outcomes are in French, we’ll do our best to translate them. Sorry for the disturbance.

Opening Sessions

Poem read by a Tunisian Student

Opening speech (audio) of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of Tunis

Speeches (audio) of Fabien Piasecki (Fondation Sciences Citoyennes) and Lionel Larqué (Les Petits Débrouillards)

Speeches (audio) of Marie-Angèle Hermitte (CNRS) and Silvia Ribeiro (ETC Group) during the Round Table on “Science, Technique and Rights”

Speeches (audio) of Denis Bélisle (Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d’université) and Mr Gharbi, Dean of El Mana University during the Round Table “University & Society”


Summary of the Workshop “Responsabilities of Scientists”

Summary of the Workshop “Making Connections: Role of Community-Based Participatory Research in Democratic Movements for Change – A Cross-Regional Analysis” and Audo Conversation with Khan Rahi

Summary of the Workshop “Commons and Intellectual Property”

Summary of the Workshop “Universities of the 21st century” and Audio Summary of the Workshop

Summary of the Workshop “Nanotechnologies, geo-engineering, synthetic biology and the Need for Global-to-Local Technology Assessment”

Summary of the Workshop “Scientific and technical culture: democracy and stakes for society”

Audio Report on the Workshop “Health, Ethics and Democracy”


Testimonies (audio) of participants and speakers

Testimonies (audio) of Tunisian Students

Audio Conversation with Fabien Piasecki, Coordinator at Fondation Sciences Citoyennes and Executive Secretary of the WFSD

Photos of the 3r WFSD by Guillaume Apremont


Merci au Groupe média des Petits Débrouillards, au Club Médiatique et Culturel de la Faculté du 9 avril et à Antoine Chao pour la mémoire sonore du FMSD.



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