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World Forum on Science and Democracy (WFSD) originally started with the involvement of an informal working group drawn from different countries. Since the 1st WFSD, the process is articulated around two entities : an International Secretariat (IS) looking after coordination and an International Initiative Council (IIC) responsible for strategic and policy decisions. The IS and the IIC are composed exclusively of organizations and their representatives rather than individuals.

To enable people and organizations to get involved in the WFSD process, a « participation mailing-list » has been opened (to subscribe, please send an email to : contact[at]sdwf-fmsd.org). On this list, individuals and organizations can participate in the structuring of the 4th WFSD by proposing activities or topics or by getting involved in communication, logistic and political aspects of the process.

The IIC is composed of the following organizations : All India Peoples Science Network (India), Alternatives (Canada), Associação Filosófica Scientiae Studia (Argentina, Brazil), Association Française des Petits Débrouillards (France), Association Internationale des Techniciens, Buko Pharma-Kampagne (Germany), Centre de Recherche et d’Information pour le Développement (France), Experts et Chercheurs (based in France), Enda-Diapol (Senegal), Epidemia (Brazil), ETC Group (Canada), Fédération Québécoise des Professeures et Professeurs d’Université (Québec), Fondation Sciences Citoyennes* (France), Friends of the Earth (Canada/USA), iBase (Brazil), International Network of Engineers and Scientists for global responsibility (based in Germany), Vecam (France), World Federation of Scientific Workers (based in France).

The IS is provided by Fondation Sciences Citoyennes (France) since March 2013.

For the previous edition, the IS was provided by Fondation Sciences Citoyennes (France) and Association Française des Petits Débrouillards (France) with the support of Enda-Diapol (Senegal) for the WFSD in Dakar and FSHST and several associations of students for the 3rd WFSD.

For the 4th WFSD, Fondation Sciences Citoyennes will be supported by the committee of the WSF and the board of El Manar University in Tunis.

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